Spotify Releases Anchor Replacement Spotify for Podcasters

From Spotify’s news blog:

It’s official: Anchor, the world’s largest podcast hosting platform, has combined with Spotify for Podcasters to create an all-new, first-of-its-kind platform with everything you need to create and grow a podcast
This is exciting for podcasters who are already hosted on the platform—but it’s also a breakthrough for all creators. In addition to bringing our creator offering all into one platform, we’re also–for the first time ever–opening up Spotify’s unique, interactive features to all podcasters, no matter where your show is hosted.
‍While many of these features have been limited exclusively to Anchor users (now referred to as Spotify-hosted creators), it was important to us that we built the new Spotify for Podcasters in a way that offers more open access to innovation. Today, that starts with opening up access to Q&A and poll functionality for all Spotify for Podcasters users–including those not hosting their content with us.

To help jumpstart the conversation and make it easier for listeners to provide you with valuable feedback, we’ve included a default question–“What did you think of this episode?”–on your most recent episode and all new episodes published through Spotify for Podcasters. You have the ability to customize your own question for each episode or to turn off the setting altogether in the new Interact tab of your dashboard. Audience answers are visible only to you by default, but you can “pin” your favorite answers so everyone can view them on your episode page in Spotify.

The video on the announcement post showcasing the interactivity offered in the app is something that made my eyes widen with excitement. Adding ways to interact with your podcast audience sounds fun and interesting. I know of a several podcasts I would love to interact with instead of being a silent listener. That being said, I can also see how this added interaction can be cumbersome and difficult for some creators.