Who Spends $1000+ on Courses?

This isn't a clickbait title, or some sensational headline. This is an honest question that I have had a really hard time understanding.

If you are like me you will have stumbled upon productivity podcasts, blogs, YouTube channels, and more. Some of those creators have courses. Things like how to use a specific app, how to set up a personal knowledge management (PKM) system, or how to use your iPhone better are all subjects you can find courses on.

Many of those courses cost a reasonable amount of money. Anywhere from $20-$100 is reasonable to me for an online course. Obviously the more production value and content justifies a larger cost, and I happy to pay for courses I think are worth the money within that price range.

However, there are also courses that I have found that are in excess of $1000, sometimes double. My mortgage doesn't even cost this much.

The latest example, and this by no means is an anomoly, is Nick Milos "Writing Original Works" course.

Join our 3-week live workshop to learn a reliable process that turns your linked notes into clear, meaningful writing that connects with your readers. Learn how to hone your voice and improve how you write original works you are proud of. Experience a complete solution to your writing process.

It costs $1507 for the workshop, and if you want to get everything it costs $2400.

Here's what you get (for the $1507 version):

  • 1 Workshop
  • 3 Live Theory & Skill Sessions With Nick Milo
  • 3 Live Writing Workflow Sessions With Nick Milo
  • 3 Expert Sessions: Authors, Researchers, & Editors
  • Your Personalized & Proven Writing Process
  • The Six-module Wow Curriculum With Exercises
  • Peer Feedback & Self-assessment Rubric
  • 12+ Student Showcase Sessions
  • Lifetime Access To The Wow Curriculum
  • Lifetime Access To Your Workshop & Recordings

I understand that some people write these off as investments, and even fewer have their employers pay for these courses, but I can't imaging anyone looking at a receipt for a $1500 writing course and considering it a worthwhile investment.

So I ask, who the hell are these courses for?

To me, it looks like a cash grab to get a few suckers to shell out the money. Hell, if someone gets just 10 people to cough up the cash they get over $15,000. Not bad for 9 videos, a few live streams, and some documentation.

Maybe I am totally off base here, but I simply think that this is highway robbery for knowledge workers and becomes the bad apples that spoil the bunch for other creators making reasonably-priced courses.

Do you know of anyone paying these prices for courses? Let me know.