Pulitzer Prize Board Recognizes Student Journalists

From Pulitzer Prize Board:

As we gather to consider the nation’s finest and most courageous journalism, the Pulitzer Prize Board would like to recognize the tireless efforts of student journalists across our nation’s college campuses, who are covering protests and unrest in the face of great personal and academic risk. We would also like to acknowledge the extraordinary real-time reporting of student journalists at Columbia University, where the Pulitzer Prizes are housed, as the New York Police Department was called onto campus on Tuesday night. In the spirit of press freedom, these students worked to document a major national news event under difficult and dangerous circumstances and at risk of arrest.

I also want to share this short article from Sharon Otterman and Santul Nerkar at The New York Times that tells the story of how two different universities handled the same problem. One used police and a show of force, while the other invited them to the table for a peaceful resolution.