Never Post Episode 0: Independent Media Roundtable

Never Post Episode 0: Independent Media Roundtable
Image from Never Post
To kick things off, we had a roundtable conversation with a trio of makers and thinkers, all of whom are creating independent media. They are Gita Jackson (Aftermath), Alex Sujong Laughlin (Defector Media), and Rusty Foster (Today in Tabs).

We wanted to talk with Gita, Alex and Rusty about the current state of media, and why each of them has decided to strike out beyond the big, legacy media organizations and create something new.

Never Post is a brand new podcast but this first episode as well as their official first episode has made it part of the conversation for one of my favorite active podcasts.

Hearing these guests, as well as host Mike Rugnetta, share their experiences in navigating today's internet to make something that is sustainable and also respectful for their audience provides a window into something I hope to do here with Clicked.