Mehdi Hasan Dismantles the Entire Foundation of the Twitter Files as Matt Taibbi Stumbles to Defend it

Along with the full interview of MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan interviewing Matt Taibbi, Tech Dirt goes into even more detail about the errors and inaccuracies Taibii brought with his reporting on the Twitter Files.

Mike Masnick writing for Tech Dirt:

Hasan came prepared with facts. Lots of them. Many of which debunked the core foundation on which Taibbi and his many fans have built the narrative regarding the Twitter Files.Since the interview, Taibbi has been scrambling to claim that the errors Hasan called out are small side issues, but they’re not. They’re literally the core pieces on which he’s built the nonsense framing that Stanford, the University of Washington, some non-profits, the government, and social media have formed an “industrial censorship complex” to stifle the speech of Americans.

Tech Dirt does a fantastic job of breaking down multiple points where Taibbi got things wrong and flat-out omitted vital context. I highly recommend reading it rather than taking my small quotes here.

I am so happy I didn’t believe the hype when it came to this “historic” information. I knew something smelled fishy from the start, and it’s clearly only gotten more rotten.