Default Apps

These are my default apps and services, which was inspired by the Hemespheric Views podcast.

Mail Client: Gmail
Mail Server: Gmail
Notes: Obsidian
To-Do: Obsidian
iPhone Photo Shooting: Camera App
Photo Management: Photos
Calendar: Calendar App
Cloud file storage: iCloud
RSS: Inoreader via Reeder 3
Contacts: Contact app
Browser: Safari (iPhone) Chrome (desktop)
Bookmarks: Matter
Read It Later: Matter
Word Processing: Obsidian
Spreadsheets: Google Sheets
Presentations: PowerPoint
Shopping Lists: Notes app
Meal Planning: none
Budgeting & Personal Finance: Google Sheets
News: Inoreader, X (Twitter), Mastodon, Threads, Artifact
Music: Spotify
Podcasts: Overcast
Password Management: Chrome/iCloud