Apple might be going big with iOS 18

Apple might be going big with iOS 18
Photo by Szabo Viktor / Unsplash

If the rumors are true, iOS 18 is going to be one hell of an update.

I don’t normally read the rumors for Apple updates and products, but MacRumors has been on a tear lately and it’s gotten my attention. From a complete overhaul in the Settings app, updates to Control Center, new text message animations, and updated Home Screen setup there is a lot going on. Frankly, I think this is just a tip of the iceburg for WWDC.

Again, this is me assuming all of the rumors are true (which is rarely the case). That being said, these kinds of changes can absolutely improve the user interface and make the iPhone fun to set up again. If everything mentioned works out of the box in iOS 18 these changes alone would get me excited. That being said, it could be a bumpy ride to get to a point of usability. As someone that used to throw the latest iOS developer beta on their main phone after day one of WWDC, I can tell you first-hand that it isn’t always sunshine and daisies.

Developing an operating system is hard, and using the latest iOS betas on day one release is about as risky as you can be with your phone. Things stop working, apps refuse to launch, your phone becomes a hand warmer, and simple functions like Wi-Fi and phone calls can totally cease operations. Being an iOS beta tester every Summer is a gamble, and we are due for a very difficult summer after several years of simple and effective betas.

Still, I will take Apple being bold and making big swings at changes to their stuff rather than continuing to refine the same shit every year.