What is Clicked?

Clicked is a newsletter about all things found on the internet.

New posts of Clicked arrive once a week, with paid posts and more on a semi-regular basis.

Here’s a breakdown of the different kinds of content Clicked has to offer:

Original Essay: Long form original article by me, Jeff Perry. It can vary from columns about the latest news in big tech, the creator economy, publishing platforms, takes on Apple products and services, and more. One essay that I am most proud of are my essay on what it means to be a creator.

Interviews: I did an interview with Craft Notes CEO Balint Orosz, and we went over a ton about the company’s past, present, and future and I enjoyed doing that. My hope is that along with my upcoming podcast Publish Post I can find time to interview more people on Clicked for the newsletter as well.

Analysis: When something happens in news that I feel qualified to write about I often will dive deep into why something happened and what it could mean for the future. A perfect example of this is my analysis of why CNN+ failed and what it means for future streaming services.

Other Fun: Other things that I do just don’t fit the mold, like when I recorded a full on Craft Notes workshop with James Eaton or when I shared podcast episodes that made me better.

Publish Post Podcast (Coming Soon)

publish post podcast cover
Publish Post podcast cover

Publish Post is a narrative podcast where each season 10 online creators share their thoughts on 10 different aspects regarding online creativity and what it takes. Each episode in the season will then focus on one of those aspects in a narrative podcast format. The show is currently in pre-production and paid members will be the first to know about the development of the project.

Who Reads Clicked?

My readers tend to be tech enthusiasts with a penchant for curated lists, good articles to read, and cool things online.

There is no set “topic” or “niche” for this newsletter but there are common themes. Those themes include technology, news, internet wonders, the creative process, media, and cool things humans are creating online.

Who is Writing Clicked?

Selfie of Jeff Perry

Hi, my name is Jeff Perry. I am a writer, tech enthusiast, husband, cat and dog dad, and vivacious reader online. I’ve been writing, podcasting, and sharing my takes in the form of essays and editorials since 2010.

My cats, Dexter (orange and white cat) and Alfie (black and white cat) snuggling each other
My cats, Dexter (orange and white cat) and Alfie (black and white cat)


Jeff Perry
Creator of Clicked, fan of mobile photography. He/Him. Contact: jeff@clicked.cool